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Access requirements:

Although safe access within our industry has always been important, the Health and Safety executive specifically covered this particularly treacherous aspect of our work in the Working at Height 2005 legislation. The regulations clearly outline the need for planning, appropriate training and the reduction of working above ground level where possible, eliminating working at height where at all possible.

It also clarifies the responsibility of those undertaking, managing and directing works at height and that everyone needs to ensure that a safe system of work is employed on each and every occasion. That confirms that not only are contractors and their employees responsible to ensure that safe system of work are adhered to but also site owners, company directors and management companies who are responsible for organising working at height. We have an in-house annual update for all staff on one of our two compulsory attendance health and safety days reiterating safe practice working at height.

Monaghan Property Services Ltd uses a wide variety of access equipment to ensure we comply with the requirements of the act.


Far from being banned, ladders are still available for use as long as they are used safely. All employees using ladders attend a safe use of steps and ladders course at an external education provider. Ladders are employed where short duration work is required where three points of contact can be obtained.

PASMA Towers

Where longer duration works are required, one Monaghan Property Services Ltd options is the use of mobile access towers. They allow safe access to larger jobs requiring the use of both hands from a sturdy base. All employees responsible for the erection of these towers attend a one day PASMA course at an external educational provider.


Mobile elevated working platforms are a flexible way to solve a variety of difficult access problems. Monaghan hire in and operate a variety of machines as and when needed and also own and operate our own 17m Nifty Lift trailer mounted MEWP which allows us to be both flexible and competitive when costing access works. We also hire out our equipment as an operated service. Give us a call for our best rates! Again all our operators have attended the relevant courses at an external educational provider.

Tube and clip scaffolding

Sometimes a company has to admit its limitations and some access solutions have to be sourced from an outside our company. Tube and clip scaffold is one of those solutions and when it’s appropriate we employ the services of a known and trusted outside contractor.

Reach and wash window cleaning.

One of the most controversial access solutions that we employ is the use of reach and wash systems whilst cleaning windows and high level facia and PVCu detail. Clients and end users of our services sometimes request windows to be cleaned from ladders. The legislation however clearly states that if there is an alternative to working at height then we have to use it.

Accountability and responsibility for health and Safety as outlined by the umbrella at Work Act 1974 clearly states this is the responsibility of us all. We are all responsible for our own safety, the safety of our colleagues, other contractors and the safety of the public whilst we are at work. This also applies to those that directly employ our services.

With this in mind we have invested heavily in the latest hybrid poles and cleaning heads and we currently have the latest reach and wash equipment that allows us to access heights of up to eighty feet from ground level, reducing the risk of falling to nil.


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