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Monaghan Property Services, Industrial/commercial window cleaning, contract cleaning,

Monaghan offer a full range of window cleaning services and access solutions to best suit our clients individual needs. Our highly skilled staff deliver both traditional window cleaning services and pure water fed pole services up to eighty feet. The water fed pole systems offer a real and efficient alternative to ladders which drastically reduces the risks of working at height.

Pure water is fed via a lightweight, but very strong carbon pole, through the brush heads soft filaments, preventing damage to glass and frames, reaching up to eight floors from ground level. Natural tap water is purified to contain 0 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids within the water to prevent staining and spotting once the job is complete.

Once the system is established it leaves a very clean end product and can offer better value for money as often this method is faster than using ladders.

We specialise in industrial and commercial window cleaning only such as:

Housing association / Supported Housing
Apartment Blocks / Block Management
Commercial Office Blocks,
Retail Units, (both high street and shopping centres)
Nursing and Care Homes
Factories and Industrial units


Rainwater goods and PVCu facias and sofits.

The pole system can also be used to clean a variety of other mediums such as:

PVCu Facias,
Gutters and Downspouts,
Window Frames,
Conservatory or Entrance Roofs,
Shop or Business Signs and Cladding.


The system further reduces the need to work from ladders reducing the risk of injury whilst reducing the costs of on-going maintenance and increasing compliance with health and safety legislation.

If you would like to contact us either to arrange a site visit for a quote or to discuss our services further please contact:

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Tel: 0161 794 2044 or 07974 418929