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Monaghan Property Services, Industrial/commercial window cleaning, contract cleaning,

Monaghan offer a full range of pitch roof works from replacing one slate to complete strip and re-slate or tile of all types traditional pitched roofs. Coupled with this we also incorporate more general roof repairs such as chimney re-pointing, capping and flashings, ridge replacement and re-pointing ,flashing, soaker and apron repairs.

We are also able to offer extensive uPVC repair, replacement and servicing from a simple access and clearance often undertaken on a pre-planned annual or biannual basis. to the replacement of, gutters, both timber and uPVC facia, soffit and barge board replacement. We also fit and /or replace dry verge edges or repoint verge edges dependant on needs assessed.

We are fully experienced in the initial making safe / water tight of storm damage from logging, estimating and undertaking repairs, taking a time line of photographic evident in support of your claim. We also have experience in dealing directly with insurance companies, reducing the workload of the agent or manager.

As well as pitched roofing, Monaghan also undertake repairs and replacement of flat roofs. We no longer however offer built up felt roofing as an option in a re-roof mainly due to the reduced longevity compared with upto date materials such as EPDM.

We will however undertake repair to existing felt flat roofs in order to extend their life and can assist in the normal maintenance of felt roofs by the application of solar reflective paints. We also offer annual flat roof clearances to reduce the risk of block downspouts and the resulting maintenance issues.

Our material of preference when completing mew flat roofs is EPDM. ( ethylene propylene diene monomer), which is an extremely versatile and durable synthetic rubber membrane and can be used on both flat and low gradient roofs. Its ease of adhesion with water based cold adhesives decrease the health and safety risk factors to the worker fitting the roof. It also has a range of supplementary products to make installation quick, easy, and aesthetically very pleasing such as preformed outlets, internal / external joints and trims for kurb edges etc.

EPDM can also be used alongside other mediums such as metal or felt, for instance in the middle of a row of garages.


In short, whatever your roofing problem, Monaghan can assist in the solution.

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