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Whilst with the advent of reach and wash pole systems and the drive to reduce working at height since 2005, the call for traditional window cleaning is becoming less frequent. Coupled with the good results from reach and wash and its economic benefits, one might be forgiven for thinking that the traditional methods are now obsolete

Far from it, there are numerous areas in which the traditional method is preferred, for example shop fronts, so that the resulting waste water or suds can be wiped away instantly leaving the from instantly clean and dry. Inside windows of course benefit from traditional methods ( although there are alternative if one needs to work at height) so the industrial and commercial window cleaner must hone his skills to be able to successfully combine both the traditional applicator and squeegee and pole system.

A certain customer base may require a traditional approach, the type of client that may be very critical of leaving the window to dry on their own. These cases of course need to be considered properly in the light of current health and safety legislation and weigh up acceptable minor risk versus loss of revenue.


Monaghan will consider the use of traditional methods of window cleaning to first floor height only if a strict adherence to our method statements is adhered to and we may mix the methods on an as per site basis as a compromise to the service requested and the safety issues highlighted.

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